Body Blitz

Body Blitz is a class dedicated to toning and firming the legs, bum and tum. This new class is a hybrid between Pilates and an Isometric Barre workout.

The class is unheated (although there is residual heat in the studio) and involves challenging the core muscles through a variety of exercises creating a stronger framework, improving posture and giving you abs to be proud of!

 You will be shown how to align the body in order to get the most out of the exercises and when practiced regularly this class will give you visible results.

The class will include an element of barre and floor work and will focus heavily on very small isometric moves which will challenge your muscles (and muscles you never knew you had!) like they have never been challenged before.

You can expect to shake a lot! Shaking is a sign that you are challenging the muscles you want to target. The more you notice this shaking sensation the more calories you will burn and because the exercises target the powerhouse muscles of the body – the glutes – not only will you work on toning to create the shape you are after but you will raise the metabolism and in doing switch your body to fat burning.

Like all exercise you’ll also feel amazing afterwards as all those lovely endorphins will be released leaving you feeling happy (if a little wobbly!) and ready to take on the rest of your day.

This class is a great complement to our other classes, particularly if you are keen to strengthen your core and get stronger and leaner. Expect a flatter tum and a pert bum with regular practice (and of course a healthy diet).