Bumps & Babies

At Hot Lotus we are perfectly located near the centre of Stockport and with easy links to the M60 and public transport to make it the ideal location for mums to be and new mums. Pear Mill has full access with plenty of free parking and with a new lift at the back of the mill it is easy to get to our studio on the second floor with or without a baby in tow!

We have created a space which caters for the needs of both mums to be and new mums with space to relax and unwind before and after class, baby change facilities and refreshments on hand. We even provide a microwave for heating baby food and drinks.

Baby Massage

We are delighted to have Katie Kingham on board to offer Baby Massage and Yoga classes. Katie already has established classes in the Heatons and in addition to this will now be offering a baby massage class on Thursday mornings and a Mother & Baby Yoga class on Thursday afternoons.

The Baby Massage course is designed to teach parents a wonderful experience to share with their baby through massage. The course will help to provide a special time to communicate with your baby so they feel loved, valued and respected.

You will learn to incorporate both Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as principles from both yoga and reflexology into your baby massage routine.

Massaging your baby provides a wonderful opportunitya to express your love whilst meeting the need for touch and affection that is so essential for the healthy development of babies.

Benefits of Baby Massage include:

For baby:

Helping your baby to feel securely attached
Helping your baby to feel more loved, valued and respected
Reduce crying and emotional stress
Increase levels of relaxation and longer sleep
Development of body awareness and coordination
Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

For you:

Feeling closer to your baby
Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying and body language
Providing a wonderful opportunity to spend one to one time with your baby
Feeling the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage
Increased confidence in your ability to nurture and care for your baby
Learning a life-long parenting skill

How is the baby massage course run?

The course is suitable for most babies from newborn.

The sessions are baby-led. Do not worry if baby cries, needs feeding, falls asleep or needs changing
You can use the spare demo doll to practice if your baby is asleep or not in the mood
Each week we will review the previous weeks moves and learn a new part of the body to massage
The massage is sequence based and includes legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
You will also learn a colic and teething routine.
It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and discuss topics and worries alike.

Baby Massage is not available as a drop-in class. We run 1 session a week which is available in blocks of approximately 6 consecutive weeks.

You can enquire via Hot Lotus for a space on the course or contact Katie direct on 07834 269217.