Christina Dejong

From an early age I noticed I was extra bendy, doing back-bends and splits in the school playground was a norm for me.

It wasn’t until adulthood after my secod adorable baby that I realised that I had become quite rigid and perpendicular in everything I did, even my personality!

It was then that I discovered Bikram Yoga, and realised that my youthful bendiness could be developed to include a calm mindfulness, which my every growing family needed from me.

Three more children and seven years later, this Yoga continues to remind me how wonderful life is because each time I leave the room, I feel brand new and present.

I have developed my teaching style to understand each student and believe wholeheartedly that Bikram Yoga and the conditions which we practice within allow us to really zone in on our inner strength, physical abilities and connection with our true self.