Dan Oldham

My Yoga Journey really started after a bereavement in my family in September 2015. Partly in shock and partly in awe at the preciousness of life, I decided it was time to get myself to India to be by the side of the mother of all rivers – The Ganges – to grieve and to experience The Holy Place of Rishikesh and Yoga capital of the world. I

n time I managed to find a school that I really liked and do what I originally wanted to do which was train to be a Yoga teacher.

I’m so glad I did. I have never looked back. I’ve been teaching and learning ever since I arrived back in Glossop a few months later and have returned again for some further intensive study in 2017 to the same school with its fabulous and dedicated teachers.

Teaching Yoga ticks all the boxes for me and I’m so delighted to be asked by Hot Lotus in Stockport to come on board and cover Flo for a while.

I am fairly dynamic in my teaching and in reaching for our body’s full potential and at the same time I am ultra-sensitive in my approach, eager to be and feel into our process for new discoveries about what more we can learn about our amazing bodies and what we can do.

I aim to share some ideas within the structure of a flow class and see we can work with the mind, breath and spirit to go into new exciting terrain confidently whatever our ability, be that through the ease of savasana or the intensity of Warrior III.

As a Team GB age group level triathlete in 2018, I have partly stepped on the yoga teaching path to become a stronger, fitter, faster swimmer, cyclist and runner/athlete, but also to become a happier, stronger, more living and loving human being.

I believe our true strength is in our ability to listen to and accept all of ourselves, not just our strengths but our weaknesses and our limitations, and be vulnerable with them in order that we might ask and consequently reap the Universe’s Guidance by being open to what more there is on offer to us in every moment.

Whilst fascinated with the masculine energy of ‘performance’, I love to balance things with the femininity and sensitivity of experience so that I may delicately but strongly facilitate you to make your most amazing discoveries for yourself internally as well as externally.

If you’ve simply come to class to ease off and flow with your body and your breath, then fab! Or if you’ve come for a great whole body workout I’ll aim to cater for you. I like to hold space for your to choose what works best for you, for who you are what you want and need in the moment.

It’s not about how far you go , but rather ‘how you go’!