Donna Finnie

Being fit and active is something I have always enjoyed exercise, but after a serious back injury many years ago I found that exercise, staying strong and focusing on maintaining a strong core really helped to alleviate and reduce any back pain. Along with the physical benefits of exercise I love how it supports and helps my mental well-being. Focusing on my body for an hour, its movement and breathing, helps me to switch off from  everyday life and just be in the moment.

I discovered Pilates a number of years ago and loved it from day one.  Pilates enhanced my mind body connection. I felt stronger and more flexible.  It is my passion for exercise and a strong belief that Pilates is for everyone regardless of age or ability that inspired me to train as a Pilates teacher with ‘Body Control Pilates’. I want everyone to experience the joy of Pilates, reap the benefits of regular practice and discover a form of exercise that they can enjoy and be challenged by throughout their entire life. I love helping people achieve their fitness goals, recover from injury, have fun whilst exercising, become more confident. I have a positive and energetic personality and want people to leave my class feeling uplifted, energised and motivated.


I first met Heidi when a friend encouraged me to join her for a class in the ‘inflatable dome’. What a blast! I was hooked. I followed Heidi as she opened her fabulous Hot Lotus studio and have been attending and enjoying regular classes ever since. I am so excited to be joining the fabulous, energetic, Hot Lotus team. I recently completed the Hot Pilates Teacher Training course as well and I cannot wait to have fun and challenge you on the mat in both Inferno Hot Pilates classes but also in the mat based Body control Pilates course which I will be teaching from September.