Jenny Roche

I first discovered Yoga when I was a dance student, and initially attended Yoga as a way to inform and strengthen my body as a dancer. After hopping on and off the mat for a number of years (with some big breaks from it in the middle too), it wasn’t until I was a busy, young working Mum craving space that my practice started to evolve, and a deeper sense of self and consciousness came to awareness on the mat.

Through physical asana and spiritual teachings, I found that my yoga practice began to be a place of internal sanctuary; providing space to look within and observe what’s already there, enabling not only more space in both body and mind, but also a place to move towards becoming a more conscious, calm and considered human being.

Eventually, I decided to embark on a yoga teacher training and trained with Authentic Flow Tribe with Satu Tuomela and Fanny Olsson in Authentic Flow Yoga (200 hours) and Shake the Dust (50 hours).

I love working with children and am a registered Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher as well as training With Barefoot Body (30 hours) in Trauma informed Movement and Yoga with adults and young people.

Alongside teaching Yoga, I am a community dance artist and work in community settings using dance and yoga as a tool to support emotional well-being.

I am forever a student, and I am currently working towards accreditation as an Integrative Body Movement Therapist and Educator with The Institute of Body Movement Therapy and Linda Hartley.

I am super excited to join the wonderful Lotus Lounge Team and I can’t wait for you to join me on the mat. I look forward to seeing you there.