Joanne Salt

I took my first Bikram Hot Yoga class in Singapore on a work trip 10 years ago.

Physically I couldn’t do much (not even touch my toes!) but the effects of the practice, both physical and mental, were immediate. I loved it!

I looked for classes everywhere I went, finding amazing studios and teachers all over the world.

In 2014 the loss of my mother gave me the impetuous to embark on Bikram teacher training, which sent me on an amazing learning curve, bringing beautiful souls into my life both as students and teachers.

I have since continued my learning and have further qualifications in Sports Yoga with Sarah Ramsden, a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the British College of Nutrition and Health and am very excited to have recently completed my training for Inferno Hot Pilates.

My goal is to help people transform their body, mind and soul through these beautiful practices.

Oh, and yes.  I can now touch my toes!