Kamal Patel

My Hot Yoga journey started by chance. I was never one to keep fit and gyms were definitely not for me, I always made excuses for not going and then, while on holiday, an attack of sciatica made the choice for me.

Having never suffered for this before I knew I had to do something quickly and then on my return home I remembered the Hot Yoga studio I passed every day. I decided to give it a go that was it I was hooked; that was over eight years ago and I have not looked back since.

It is additive and the one place I can switch off from the outside world for 90 minutes and recharge my mind and body. The more I went, the more I fell in love with what it was doing for me, mentally, physically and emotionally and then I decided to attend teacher training to bring this wonderful practice to others.

I am still on my Yoga journey and still learning every day, why not join me in the Studio and see how it can change your life.