Kerry Foster

My yoga journey started back in 2017 when I was reluctantly dragged to a 6am class in Bali, I absolutely loved how still and quiet my mind was during the class but also the after effects. Needless to say, I became hooked.

As soon I came home I found a hot class and just needed more, I tried a hot 26 class and Heidi hasn’t got rid of me since!

My background is in dance and I’ve been teaching for the past 15 years and still love it as much as I ever did. After losing someone close I was advised to try yoga and other therapies to help and it completely blew me away so it was a natural progression for me to enter the world of yoga and energy work.

This started two years ago when I trained in children’s Yoga. I’ve loved every minute but it just felt like the right time to progress further, so over the summer I enrolled on the 200TTC with Sampoorna. It was a fantastic course with amazing teachers and I’m just so excited for the next part of the journey teaching at Hot Lotus… I can’t wait to see you on the mat!