Kristin Bergman

I took my first Bikram Yoga class in 2003 and have never looked back. At the time, I was struggling to find peace in the chaotic life I was leading, and didn’t realise how much pain I was living with until I was given the opportunity to really look at myself through my practice.

I started my yoga practice ‘from scratch’ – inflexible, misaligned, injured, unhappy and incredibly reluctant – and Yoga presented itself to me as a vehicle for total transformation.

I genuinely had no idea what I was capable of as a human being, and yoga gave me a great deal of insight into the power of body and mind.

Early on as a student, I sought out opportunities to work with some extraordinary teachers in our community and did the work that I needed to do to develop my practice.

After practising for four years, I became a Bikram Yoga teacher in 2007), almost immediately after finishing my Ph.D.

I was fortunate that my partner, Johnny Ward, had opened Bikram Yoga Richmond (later Richmond Yoga) and I was able to teach full-time in a wonderfully supportive Yoga community.

I began training with Esak Garcia and Mary Jarvis in 2008 and eventually became the two-time UK Yoga Asana champion (2009-2011).

I now teach classes, workshops, yoga intensives and retreats in the UK and internationally, and am recognised by Yoga Alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher.

I carry with me a deep understanding of Asana technique, knowledge of how to work with injuries/conditions in a safe and therapeutic way, and a contagious enthusiasm and passion for the yoga that I teach. All of this comes from direct experience with my practice.

When I am not in the Yoga studio, I am usually finding ways to be closer to nature just as I did as a child growing up in California.

I practise Vippassana Meditation and thrive on the stillness and silence. I enjoy living minimally and simply in the Peak District, which is now where I call ‘home’.

Yoga is for everybody. Having a practice, ANY practice, is integral to living a healthy, happy and peaceful life… I just happen to think this practice is the best, and I can’t wait to share it with you.