Lisa Bowers

Prior to joining Hot Lotus, yoga just wasn’t accessible for me… I wasn’t flexible or coordinated enough, and even more worryingly, I was incredibly clumsy. Despite this, with the support and encouragement from the fantastic teachers that have guided and inspired me there over the past three years, I’ve learnt how to move my body in a way that feels good.

I’ve come to believe in myself and I’ve managed to let go of the little voice in my head that said that I wasn’t good enough for yoga. At the heart of my values and beliefs now, is the firm understanding that yoga is for everybody.

I’ve fallen in love with yoga and I believe that it has saved me from a massive burn out. It has helped me to understand myself and my own mental health so much more than I ever thought possible!

As I’ve found, the opportunities with yoga are endless. It brings me so much joy (and appropriate challenge, in equal parts) both on and off the mat, and I am so very grateful to be part of the Hot Lotus community and join the amazing teaching team.

After six months of my own practice at Hot Lotus, in June 2019, I was inspired to complete my ‘Children Do Yoga’ training. As a teacher for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, I was keen to share my new found passion and pass on the magic of yoga to the little people in my life.

This summer, in August 2021, I completed my 200hr Vinyasa YTTC with Sampoorna. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions it wasn’t quite the yoga in beautiful beach huts that I’d envisaged, but myself and Kerry had fun training together and thanks to Zoom and all its glory, here we both are, ready and raring to go!

As a teacher at Hot Lotus, I endeavour to be there to guide you through a flow that feels good and balanced for the body.

You know your body better than me, so you can take what you need and leave what you don’t. As a student, I enjoy repetitive sequences that build muscle memory and help me to feel safe and confident in class … so that’s what I intend to bring to our Vinyasa Flow classes, with the feelgood factor included!