NB: Class times and schedule may vary – please refer to the live schedule by clicking here

Studio Opening hours

The studio will open half-an-hour before the first class of the day and close half-an-hour after the final class. Please note – there may be times during the day when the doors are closed if there is no class on or if there is a class on but there is no one on reception.

Try and arrive at least half an hour early and no later than 15 minutes before the start of your FIRST class. You’ll have some brief paperwork to fill out and this would also be a great time to ask us any questions you may have. Don’t arrive late; classes start on time and late admittance after class has started means you miss the class.

There will be certain classes – early bird/daytime classes where we will lock the main studio doors when class starts so you will not be able to gain entry. Other class times particularly evenings and weekends you may be able to get into the studio but will not be able to join the class once it’s started as it’s disruptive to have a student walk in late. It’s also important to realise that in order to receive the full benefits of the class, you must be present for the entire class.