Aerial Yoga

At Hot Lotus we are very excited to offer Aerial Yoga to our students. All classes are unheated – no heat required here! Aerial Yoga is a unique form of yoga using a hammock as a versatile prop and is a playful and fun way to practice yoga.

You use the hammock to support, either fully or partially, your weight whilst working on traditional Yoga postures. This can enable you to achieve advanced Yoga postures that can take years to develop without the hammock.

With the weight of the body supported you can learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort, producing a peaceful state of mind & a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body

Aerial Yoga will improve core strength, upper body strength, balance and flexibility – all while having fun. It is almost impossible to do an Aerial Yoga class without laughing or smiling at some point – it isn’t only children that need to play!

Happy woman practicing fly yoga asana over white background in fitness studio, copy space. Health, sport, yoga concept

During postures, due to the support of the hammock, you will be able to completely let go and relax which lets the body restore and regenerate and is a beautiful way to end the class.

Aerial also provides the opportunity for even beginners to Yoga to experience the benefits of inversion (hanging upside down) which is great for the spine as well as building confidence.

Aerial yoga is not available as a drop-in class. To ensure you get the best experience it is available on courses of approximately six weeks, which are aimed at various levels of ability.

Initially there will be three courses a week all starting off as a beginner’s class and as students become more confident some of these courses will move onto an intermediate level.

Aerial Yoga is not included in our membership packages but members will be able to take advantage of discounts on courses.

Classes are limited to 8 students per class to ensure you have the best experience so make sure to book early to avoid missing out.

We will also hold workshops including complete beginner’s workshops, inversions and restorative aerial.

For details on our class styles click here