You might have thought that you had out grown your tutu and you’d put your plies and pirouettes behind you but if you like the sound of a workout that is going to create a long and lean physique and improve your core than its time to rediscover your inner ballerina!

BarreConcept is the UK’s number one barre workout. It tones the arms, lifts the butt, sculpts the arms and flattens the abs, all whilst burning fat – what’s not to love?

Barre Concept was devised by Emma Newham the founder of Pilates Union UK, an approved CYQ training centre for the provision of Pilates teacher training. Emma, with 21 years-experience in personal training, Yoga and Pilates (as well as having RAD ballet background) is a leading figure in the world of Pilates having written and developed Pilates training courses for years and having published several fitness manuals and DVDs.

When Emma devised the Barre Concept method; the first internationally accredited barre teacher training course, (approved in the UK, US, Canada and Australia) she sought to combine her knowledge from her background in Personal training, yoga instruction and Pilates teaching with her former ballet training.

The Barre Concept workout is now spreading the globe. It’s practised in an unheated environment and this non-stop class is done to the beat of the music and is a low impact, total body workout that will lift your butt, tone the thighs, flatten your abs and sculpt your waist whilst protecting your joints – what’s not to love?

Full range muscular contractions are performed, followed by end range isometric contractions and then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscles. This is integrated with an interval training approach to burn fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. Stretches follow directly a­fterwards which elongates the muscles. Equipment is sometimes added to challenge the body further.

How does Barre Concept differ from a Pilates and Yoga Class?

Pilates is largely performed on the floor. In a Barre Concept class, around three quarters of the class is done standing up and at least half of the class exercises are performed at the barre itself.

Yoga usually focuses on holding a position for a certain period of time, whilst concentrating on the breathing. Pilates tends not to hold a position but instead goes for a specific number of full range repetitions. In a Barre Concept class, we do both. However, Barre Concept repetitions go one step further by focusing on tiny, end range isometric contractions in addition to the traditional approach.

Who will benefit from Barre Concept?

The one-hour class is designed for ALL fitness levels – beginners are welcome.

If you want to blast fat, tone up and improve flexibility this is the class for you.

Its especially good at targeting the classic problem areas: the thighs and the bum!

Expect to feel the burn! Regular practice will help create the shape you have dreamed of.

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