Hot Lotus Testimonials


“Hot Lotus has introduced me to a whole new way of exercising. I’m a keen runner and have been for 20 years and injuries started to creep up on me. Attending Yoga and Pilates has helped me to strengthen my body and cure my aches and pains. My body is now toned! The Sound Gong Bath workshop event was truly amazing. The club has a warm, welcoming, friendly environment, you’re always greeted with a smile.”

“Just wanted to give some feedback about Inferno Hot Pilates. I’m a 38-year-old male with a very busy job and lifestyle and have very little time to spare. I’ve been active all my life playing lots of sport over the years.  I had found it increasingly difficult to keep fit and my wife suggested I try Inferno Hot Pilates.  I’ve been attending for a year and it’s now become a routine part of my week. it keeps me fit and helps to cope with the stress of life and work.  Heidi the instructor is amazing! She has a great talent for leading the class and personally instructs whilst performing the moves. Would highly recommend!”
Mr Bilal Barkatali MBChB FRCS

“Being new to Yoga this year and to Hot Yoga from March it has been enlightening to see what a difference it makes to my physical and mental health. The classes are challenging but incredibly rewarding and everyone at the studio is so friendly and supportive.”

“Part of the reason I love Hot yoga is because of Hot Lotus. Both the venue and the activity make me feel relaxed, fresh and ready to take on the challenges of the day!”

“I love Hot Yoga and Hot Lotus is such a welcoming studio for everyone. I love how relaxed I feel after class.”

“I love Hot Lotus, it’s changed me and my life but I still have a long way to go. It’s made me see and think things more clearly and from different angles. It’s made my body stronger and my mind and soul. The energy boost is great and I feel like a real Yoga bunny!”

“I go to Inferno Hot Pilates class every week and I love it. I was nervous as a beginner (and a man in a woman’s world!) but Heidi is great at making sure that you understand what you are doing and that you feel comfortable. By introducing variations and encouraging you to take the class at your own speed. The instructors make sure that the sessions remain challenging as you get a bit more experienced. I would recommend the sessions to anybody – although they should know that the music mix does sometimes include “songs” by Steps. You have been warned.” Tom

“I first met Heidi many years ago at the gym and we became training partners. So when Heidi decided to start Hot Lotus I knew that she had the drive and determination to make it a success. Having tried both the hot hatha and the inferno Pilates I decided that the Pilates was perfect for me. Targeting core muscle groups combined with high energy intervals, while all the time maintaining posture and protecting against injury. The classes are fun, and very challenging, and in 14 months I can see real changes to my body shape and huge improvements to my stamina and overall fitness. Heidi takes great care to demonstrate different levels of exercise so everyone can join in and get the most out of every class. Highly recommended.” Alison Brimage

“I started Inferno Hot Pilates from a position of doing no exercise at all. I’d never been able to stick to anything for more than a month or so before. It’s tough but the instructors are great and made me feel that I could always take it at my own pace that it wasn’t overwhelming. The results are almost immediate, I felt really fit, strong and healthier than I had in a long time. I also started seeing really rapid improvement and I was able to challenge myself more in each class…I’ve now been going over a year and I do as many classes as I can fit into my schedule! It’s been amazing for me and I recommend it to everyone.” Rebecca Shiels

“I’ve been attending Inferno Hot Pilates classes for over a year now.  I generally attend on a Friday morning when we work very hard but have a great laugh at the same time.  My fitness level and strength have definitely really improved, but the class never seems to get any easier because you just push yourself more each time.” Lucy Crompton

“I started Inferno Hot Pilates in September 2017, I have certainly been feeling the benefit and improved muscle tone and core strength. I have lost inches as it has improved my metabolism. great fun too with great music. Age is no barrier as I am 74 and feeling more energetic.” Carolyn Canning

“I have been practicing Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga 26) regularly for the past four and a half years. It has become such a part of my life that I think I could not live without it now. The benefits of this hot yoga are both physical and mental and it’s something I would recommend to everybody. I have been qualified as a doctor for the past thirteen years and working as a GP for the last nine years and I wish I could prescribe this for all my patients. I believe it helps with mental stress including depression, anxiety, insomnia and low mood and also improves conditions such as blood pressure, arthritis, weight problems and I am sure many more! I have a handful of patients who have practiced Bikram yoga and seen such health benefits as I have also experienced myself. It has particularly helped me with my weight and keeping me toned and healthy and it has helped at a time where I was suffering with low mood and insomnia. I am all the better in every way for practicing yoga, it has given me a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit and it is something I will practice for life in order to keep benefiting me.” Jas Manku

“I’ve been attending Bikram yoga (Hot 26) classes for about 18 months or so now. The instructor pay close attention to the welfare of their students and ensure they are in the correct postures After class the Instructors are accessible and happy to answer any queries you may have or will engage in general conversations. If they aren’t teaching, you will often see the teachers in the yoga studio with us, keeping up with their own practice.” Helen Morgan

“Heidi’s yoga instruction is full of energy and always enhances my yoga experience, I really enjoy her classes as she encourages me (us) to put in 100% effort after a long day at my desk, she ensures that I am able to follow her instruction effortlessly, as it is delivered with enthusiasm and her love of yoga. Heidi is approachable and is always on hand to give honest and frank advice and helps me to reach the furthest extent of my ability safely and gives enough reassurance, that, in turn, gives me the confidence to press on and improve my postures and should take credit for my having made progress (a work in progress).” Linda Anderson

“I find that regular practice of Bikram yoga (Hot Yoga 26) helps me stay calm, focused and eager in my everyday life. Not only is it a really good (tough) work out but it has helped bring my attention back to my centre, myself. It has made me more forgiving of others and most importantly myself and it allows me to have patience in everything I do, leaving space for the enjoyment of all the little unexpected ‘intricacies’ life can throw at you- rather than being overwhelmed or stressed out by them. All in all, I have become a much more thankful person, even thankful for how gruelling a Bikram yoga can be – as it has taught me to accept and welcome whatever comes up, because that too soon shall pass. The teachers provides a safe, calm loving environment for my daily practise. Sharing their knowledge in the many postures we get through in an often wall to wall packed class. They always (much to my amazement) manages to correct each and every one of us- furthering our own individual practise and creating a really lovely ‘we can do this together’ kind of vibe.It doesn’t matter if you have been practising for 7 years or just for one day the team will make you feel at home! I am ever thankful for their guidance within my practise and feel I have much more to gain from their teaching.” Alison Carney