Cancellation Policy

Please take the time to read this as it contains important information about our cancellation policy.

You will be able to manage cancellations via the mobile app or the web up until 2 hours before class starts without any penalty.

After this time you will need to call or email the studio to cancel your place. Whilst we understand that there are exceptional circumstances, should you cancel within this 2 hour period or fail to show up to class we reserve the right to:
– Make a late cancellation charge of £5.00 if you are on a membership
– Deduct a credit from a class pass
– Charge you for the class if you are on a ‘pay as you go’


What happens if you are on a wait list?
It is usual that if you are on the wait list that you will get on to the class so do watch out for notifications. If you have the app and you haven’t already ticked to allow notifications on your app please do go into to your settings and allow them. This will ensure that if you are on the wait list that you get an immediate notification if you are moved on to the class list. You will also receive an email notification. If you have placed yourself on the wait list and you are no longer able to attend please do cancel your place on the wait list. If you were on the wait list and are moved on to the class within too short a time frame for you to attend please do let us know as the cancellation policy will be applied.

Checking in to class is important!
Please do ensure that you have checked in at reception before class so we have marked you as attending otherwise you will be marked as a no show! We need to know who is attending class for insurance reasons and also to rule out potential no shows. Don’t assume everyone on the front desk will know you.

Our commitment to you
We want to ensure that all our students get the best experience and avoid the disappointment of not being able to attend classes because they are full only to find that spaces were available on the day due to last minute cancellations and no shows. We remain as understanding as always in terms of why last minute cancellations can occur (as parents ourselves we understand children get sick and we have got stuck in traffic ourselves for example!) but we need to ensure that students don’t book on to multiple classes to secure their space and then fail to turn up to half of them which has been a problem over the last month. If in doubt cancel early! If you find that your circumstances change and you think you can make it to the class after all you might still get in.

We thank you for your understanding.

Heidi, Hugh and the team at Hot Lotus