Reset for Spring – March 30th, 2019, 2pm-4pm

Join us for a workshop to reset for spring on Saturday 30th March.

It’s easy to forget sometimes, that we are solar-powered. Sunshine is crucial for our natural rhythm. That’s why the start of spring encourages us to creep out of the cocoon of winter and explore new boundaries in the sparkling sunlight.

Spring offers us an opportunity for a fresh new outlook. The Spring Equinox this year falls on March 20th, so this workshop is perfectly timed as a spring-clean for  the mind and the body.

This one-off workshop will consist of a 75-minute restorative yoga practice designed to settle the body and still the mind, allowing you to find a state of total relaxation and perhaps a fresh perspective.

We’ll hold relaxing, soothing postures, supported completely by plenty of bolsters, pillows and blankets. Massage adjustments will be provided throughout class, so there will be opportunity to address sore necks, shoulders and general tension.

The class will end with a bespoke Yoga Nidra Meditation, sometimes referred to as a ‘yogic sleep’, intended to let you drift off to a fresh, still, soothing place.

We’ll end the afternoon with a sweet spring-infuenced cocktail or non-alcoholic alternative, especially created for the session plus some indulgent, chocolatey homemade treats.

You don’t need to bring a mat as we’ll provide these, along with all the props to keep you comfortable too. If you have a special pillow or blanket that would make you feel at home, feel free to bring it along for extra comfort.

The cost of the workshop is £20 for people who book before March 15th and for Hot Lotus members. From March 16th the workshop will cost £25.

Please note we have limited spaces so do book to secure your space. You can book via the Hot lotus app or Book a Class tab on the website.

Restorative and Gentle Yin Yoga with Sound Gong Bath Workshop – April 27th, 2pm-4pm

On Saturday 27th April, we are delighted to welcome back Kate Kearns, qualified Yin and MBSR Restorative Yoga Therapy teacher, and Jane Blackburn – The “Gong” Lady – to experience the benefits of this Restorative and Gentle Yin Yoga with Gong Sound Bath Workshop combination.

This luxurious workshop was a hit with all those who attended at Christmas and is a great way to unwind and grab some valuable ‘me time’.

It will give you that opportunity to commit to stillness, observing what arises, releasing and letting go, opening, creating space and allowing you self-time to discover who you are.

You will arrive and enjoy a warming detox drink before embarking on 1.5 hours of Restorative and Gentle Yin Yoga practice with sound and vibrations healing and relaxing you. The last half-an-hour will be dedicated to a Gong Sound Bath meditation.

The workshop is £30, but for Hot Lotus members (those on memberships or class passes), it is available at a reduced rate of £25. It is also available at the reduced rate of £25 for early-birders who book before the April 12th.

Please note we have limited spaces so do book to secure your space. You can book via the Hot lotus app or Book a Class tab on the website.