From the Heart Backbending Workshop

Saturday 25th May, 2pm-4pm

We are excited to bring to the studio a special heart-opening backbending workshop led by Flo. This “From the Heart” is a workshop aimed at balancing your heart chakra through a series of heart openers and backbends.

The heart chakra is where most of us store a lot of emotion and by using heart openers we can release any unwanted feeling, as well as open ourselves up to love, both from our self and others.

The spine is designed to be flexible, allowing a greater and more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for many people it can become rigid due to poor posture, extended periods of sitting and an increasing trend towards a sedentary lifestyle.

This valuable workshop will teach proven techniques to allow you to go deeper and further in backbends, resulting in a healthier, more flexible spine.

The format of this 2-hour workshop will involve a beautiful flowing sequencing focusing on ways to open up the chest and the shoulders. Students will go at their own level as we explore the foundations of backbends to introduce beginners to the concept and re-establish the foundations with more advanced practitioners.

There will be the opportunity for those who are able to, to progress to deeper backbends, such as drop backs and hollow back inversions. We will also look into the use of props to deepen heart opening poses.

The workshop will round off with a slow restorative yin-based finale to leave us feeling wonderfully relaxed and ready Savasana. From the Heart welcomes any level and ability and aims to leave you feeling loved up with yourself and those around you. A mini goodie bag is also included in the price.