Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Sound Gong Bath

Join us on Sunday 30th January 2022 at 1pm for an exciting 2.5 hour workshop with Jane Blackburn AKA the Gong Lady.

Over the years students have been asking us if we will introduce Kundalini yoga to our schedule and so we are delighted to be able to offer this introduction to Kundalini yoga combined with a sound gong bath. You will find that this gentle practice combined with bathing in the sounds of the gong helps to induce a deep sense of calm, clarity and focus. 

Kundalini Yoga has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over recent years and its not surprising but some of you may never have heard of it and not know of its amazing transformation properties.

Practicing Kundalini allows you to find the ability to break free of limiting beliefs or fears, and has many benefits:

  • Kundalini Yoga clears blocks in your energy field

Kundalini Yoga is a magical science that uses sound, mantra, energy healing, exercises and meditations to release trauma from the energetic body, which surrounds the physical body. 

  • Kundalini yoga quietens your mind

The practice of Kundalini Yoga quiets the thoughts that keep us feeling fearful, stuck, and insecure, so that the heart and soul can flourish.

  • Kundalini Yoga gives you confidence

Kundalini Yoga helps you recognize that you are worthy. In a Kundalini Yoga session, you are likely to come face to face with your self-imposed limitations–your inner walls–but you can miraculously dissolve them with the practice. 

  • Kundalini Yoga connects us with the divine

Kundalini helps us to let go and live without attachment. We work our body, mind, and soul in a way that integrates oneness with the universe. This allows us to feel a connection to higher realms. 

  • Kundalini Yoga builds strength and resilience

Our true strength comes from our core energy, not our muscles. If our energy reserves are low, we feel weak in body and in spirit, and our ability to persevere through the challenges of life diminishes. With regular practice, Kundalini Yoga helps us develop a profound core of prana–or life force–and a reservoir of love inside. We gain the ability to depend on that reservoir to deliver the strengths needed to meet the daily demands of life.

You may think that this sounds a bit airy fairy but you should have an open mind! It can be a challenging practice. So if you are curious about Kundalini Yoga then join us for this informative and transformational workshop.

Alongside our practice you will:

Learn about the origins of Kundalini – the history and basic philosophy and Jane will demystify it, explain some of the fantastic benefits – especially for women.

It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions – for example why do Kundalini yogis wear white?

Jane will lead a practice that is suitable for all abilities and the session will include movement, breath and meditation as well as some chanting of mantras.

Your practice will last for 90 minutes and then you can lie down and relax to the sounds of the gongs the perfect way for your body to absorb the benefits of your practice leaving you feeling with a deep sense of well-being and renewed energy and focus.

The cost of this 3 hour workshop is £30 but for those on memberships it’s £25 and if you bring a friend you can save a further £5 each! (the discount for 2 will be applied retrospectively).

This workshop is available to book on our website via the courses tab on the Book a Class page at or via the glofox app and select courses.