Amy Windsor

My fitness journey started fairly late in life, at the age of 35. I discovered exercise after having my three children and have found it to be life saving. Having devoted over a decade of my life to raising my children I needed to find a focus that was entirely my own.

I fell in love with exercise and found that it not only benefited me physically but it enormously improved my mental wellbeing too. I decided to qualify as a personal trainer with an aim to pass on my fitness passion to as many people as possible.

I strongly believe in teaching people to exercise safely and to maintain their fitness, strength and mobility into later life. I also think it’s vital to make exercise fun. I endeavour to get all my clients smiling whilst they train – even mid burpee!

I am continuing to spread my ‘Fitness Instructor Wings’ and have now completed my Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training. There is nothing quite like the high-intensity, heart-rate raising, core-blasting thrill that comes with a Hot Pilates workout.

I am delighted to be part of Heidi’s Hot Lotus team and can’t wait to meet you in the studio to sweat it out.