Nancy Shaw

From a young age I always enjoyed physical activity from swimming and running to high intensity work in the gym. On my journey to Yoga I became a qualified Exercise to Music Instructor with Premier Training in 2009. I continued expanding my qualifications until I became a qualified Personal Trainer with NASM in 2010

I suffered back, knee and shoulder injuries. I decided to look for alternative exercise and found Bikram Yoga, in Manchester in 2011.

Bikram gave me the appreciation of exercising, improving stamina, flexibility, and core strength whilst helping to repair old injuries. There was an added benefit, learning to acquire mental peace, stillness and calm 

When I moved to London in 2014, I realised there were so many different styles and practices. I found very quickly that I enjoyed a spiritual practice such as Jivamukti as well as Hatha and Vinyasa.

During this period, I became convinced that everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability, could benefit from Yoga. I determined to become a teacher and enrolled with YMCA in 2017. I continued with my full-time employment and varied classes for my own benefit. Then by December 2018, I became fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher with YMCA Fit. I have been teaching, learning and expanding my experience ever since. My latest qualification is with Aerial Steps, Edinburgh. This practice is very useful for those with back or similar injuries that make weight bearing difficult. It offers the security and support of a hammock. 

I will always be a student both on and off the mat as I continue along my journey …