Sally Eccleston

As is true for many people, my yoga practice began solely at the physical level to compliment cardio-based training. I soon realised that there was more to yoga than the postures themselves and began to delve deeper. With an understanding of yoga philosophy, I look at yoga as a journey of self-inquiry in order to strip back the layers of ourselves in order to learn what our bodies, minds and spirits need, and to help us feel good. 

I decided to complete a Foundation Level 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand in 2016 at Centered Yoga with Paul Dallaghan after beginning my own personal practice in 2012. This was followed by two Yoga Teacher Training Courses for Children in 2017 and 2018, and a Yin Training Course with Norman Blair in 2019. I have been teaching yoga for adults since January 2017 alongside working as an educational psychologist, and now offer classes and courses for adults, teens, families and children. 

I am looking forward to joining the Hot Lotus community as part of my ever evolving journey as a yoga student and yoga teacher!